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Post by Rogueleader89 on Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:09 am

Welcome to Rogue Sorcery.


  • No excessive language - This is a family friendly server, we will warn the occasional swear word but if you're cursing people out in chat, expect a ban.
  • No hacking - Flyhacks, inventory hacks, combat hacks, any hack that gives you an unfair advantage will get you an immediate ban. (minimaps are fine).
  • No spamming, No advertising - If you spam chat you will be temp banned, if it happens multiple times you will get a full ban. You are also not allowed to advertise products, services, or other servers. I understand that you likely play on more than one server, and you are welcome to, but keep your recruitment out of this server and this forum.

Unlike in the past, there will be no ban appeals except under extraordinary circumstances.

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